Let's be eco-responsible !

posted the 2019-01-18

Charter of eco-responsibility

The « Domaine régional Solvay » is a site classified as Exceptional Heritage of Wallonia.
Largely classified as "Natura 2000", it represents a haven of peace and offers a natural environment very favorable to flora and fauna.
The domain is maintained by a zero-phyto management.

As organizer, we ask you to take into account the impact of your activity on the environment
by engaging in a philosophy of eco-responsibility. 

Your activity in the domain must be part of this process and respect the following points:

Promotion & communication
Minimize the visual impact of the promotion: limit posters, banners, ...
Promote communication through social networks and the internet.

Tagging & route

Provide a minimum markup and use ecological material : wood, rope, ... (no rubalise or other plastic). The itinerary must respect the green spaces crossed : stay on existing pads.


For arrivals and departures from the site, encourage soft mobility (two wheels, pedestrians, ...), public transport and carpooling.
Vehicles are not allowed in the area (even for refueling).
The possible rescue vehicle must park at the car parking at one of the entrances of the domain.

Use reusable cups and encourage gourds, drinking water points.
Choose food products and trophies from the local and organic offer.

Waste Practice zero-waste, focusing primarily on non-recyclable waste.
Selectively sort waste.