The Domaine Solvay de la Hulpe extends across 227 hectares of greenery, woodland and ponds. To the north and west it fringes the Sonian forest, and to the south it skirts the Nysdam Nature Reserve, the largest in Walloon Brabant.

Almost every type of vegetation and natural environment from the region is here. The Domaine Solvay is ideally suited to small and large mammals - it is a sanctuary, resting place, feeding, breeding and nesting ground, and a stopover for migratory birds.


The Parc Solvay was originally listed by Royal Decree on 10/06/1963 for its aesthetic value. In 1993, it became an important heritage site in Wallonia, and most recently it became a Natura 2000 site.

The park's treasures have generated many studies carried out by scientists from Belgium's National Botanical Gardens, the Belgian Royal Institute for natural sciences and UCL's departments of ecology and biogeography. Associations of naturalists, ornithologists, entomologists and mycologists also regularly come here.


Must-sees: the beech cathedral, the belvedere, rhododendron and azaleas, forest valleys, ponds, the French garden, remarkable trees (giant sequoia, ginkgo, Caucasian walnut, Virginia yellow poplar, Western hemlock, Oregon Douglas fir, cryptomeria japonica etc.) and fauna (great crested grebe, common pochard, Eurasian coot and Canadian geese etc.)

The park is open every day and there is no entrance fee. Walkers/visitors are asked to dutifully follow the police regulation.